How I cope with being bloated

I’m back everyone!! I’ve had some time off here as life has been busy with university and just general life.

In my time off I have been pretty up and down with my health. I have some very good days/weeks and some very bad. At the moment with the stress of Christmas and family time I’ve been quite ill.

Despite being ill I have still been attending everything that my family have had planned as I’m not letting my anxiety get in the way of family time. I haven’t, however, seen any of my friends over the Christmas break. This is a mixture of being ill and also being too busy when everyone is meeting up.

Anyway, on to what this blog is actually about: how to deal with bloating.

Drink something hot

My personal favourite for de bloating is drinking a hot drink. I usually have something like peppermint tea as that is brilliant for dealing with bloating or nausea. I also have green tea (with lemon) and this also does the trick. But if you don’t have anything in I find that just hot water does the trick.

Have a mint

If I’m out and about, I will always carry a packet of mints with me. I know that peppermint helps the tum and it could all be psychological but having a mint really helps me feel so much better!

Go for a walk

I sometimes try walking it off and it can be hit or miss. Sometimes it makes me feel so much better but others it makes me feel so much worse. I usually take the dog for a little walk if I feel bloated and if I start to feel better, I will extend the walk. If I feel worse I will turn back home.

Have a lie down

If the walk doesn’t help, I will have a lie down. Usually I will feel better very soon after relaxing but a lot of the time I am not able to lie down when I’m bloated. This is because I am usually out and about when I start to feel bloated. But if I am at home this will usually be one of the first things I try.


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