A summer of hospital appointments!

So, as I said in my last post ‘health update‘ I’ve been for a fair few hospital appointments (if you fancy giving it a read to find out what they were for then go ahead!). Well since those appointments (the last one was only on Tuesday) I’ve been to the hospital and doctors even more times!

Firstly I was there yesterday with my mum. My poor mother had to have a colonoscopy and an endoscopy on the same day at the same time!!! I honestly felt so bad for her! I’ve had both of these tests done and I didn’t enjoy either so I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have them both done one after the other! Luckily they didn’t find anything and she should be okay, they have just taken a biopsy to make sure that she is absorbing nutrients from her food properly.

Then today, I didn’t have any appointments arrange but my cyst on my boob has been getting worse despite taking the antibiotics properly. If you don’t like spots I would stop reading here!! Anyways, this morning it started oozing puss which was expected. However, it became pretty much an open wound. I decided to give the doctors a call just to see if they could offer me any advice on how to dress it. They told me if have to come in just to double check it and so the nurse could dress it herself.

When I get to the doctors surgery, the nurse looks at the cyst and looked concerned. She went to get the doctor for a second opinion and they took my temperature (which was pretty high) and asked if I’ve been feeling ill over the past few days (I’ve been feeling pretty awful) and they told me if have to go straight to the hospital to get it looked at because It was so bad.

So, as instructed, I went straight to the hospital and as soon as I walked on to the ward they knew who I was without me even saying my name so they were definitely expecting me! I got taken straight in to a room where they took my vitals again. They then decided to stick a needle straight in to the cyst to try and take some puss out to send off for testing. However, me being me where nothing is simple, they couldn’t get a large enough area of puss as it was so spread out over my boob. Therefore, I need to wait to have a scan where they find where the puss is and then they extract some and send it off for testing.

After this I was in that much agony that they prescribed me with liquid morphine! So now I’m lay in bed feeling like I’m lay on a cloud!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend โค๏ธ


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