Health update

Good morning everyone!

I thought I’d give you all a health update seeing as I’ve had quite a few appointments recently.

As you know if you’ve read my blog post about my job (if you haven’t click here and give it a read… Only if you want to!!) I’ve not been feeling too great recently.

As a result of this, I’ve had quite a few appointment lined up. The first one was this morning and this was to see the gynecologist. This is because my doctors think that, from my symptoms, it sounds like I have got endometriosis. Obviously when I got told this I googled the symptoms and they definitely add up!

At this appointment I was asked about my symptoms, medication and history. They then decided that I’d need to have a laparoscopy which is apparently a type of surgery where they insert a camera in to a small hole near my belly button and they’ll look for endometriosis and if they find any they may remove it! Sounds scary but apparently you can go home the same day usually!!

The next was also today (I’ve had a busy morning) to see my doctor. This appointment was because I have developed a really painful lump on my boob. I wasn’t worried about this for the reasons you may think because I knew it was just a cyst or boil that had gotten infected. I knew this because it suddenly appeared and became huge and red and I was in agony with it (I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t even have the duvet above my waist because of it). I’ve also felt generally ill with it. I’ve been drained and feeling really sickly and feverish.

After going to the doctors for this I was told it was in fact an infected cyst but its really quite badly infected and also really deep so they couldn’t drain it. I’m now on antibiotics for 10 days and I need to have a check up in a week for this.

I am now just waiting for a test called a capsule endoscopy. This test is where you swallow a camera in the form of a pill in order to see your entire bowel and stomach. I need this because when I had the camera down my throat I got very stressed so they couldn’t reach my stomach. This is the final test to make sure that I don’t have chrons disease or an ulcer in my stomach.

So yeah, that’s how my lifes going lately! How’s yours going?


5 thoughts on “Health update

  1. First of all, I love your blog! I am now a follower and I can’t wait to see more of your posts! I am so sorry to hear that you’re not very well but I hope you’re on the mend soon. Also, thank you so much for the like on my latest post!! ❤ Xx

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