And the best employer award goes to…..

So, what’s happened since I’ve got back from America? Well, I spent two weeks recovering and trying to get better. When this didn’t work I realised that I had absolutely no money so would need a job no matter how ill I was. Therefore, I decided to get my old job back (old job but different site). I managed to stay there for about two weeks before becoming really unwell due to the hours and night time shifts. An old friend then told me he could get me a job where he works at Blackpool zoo.

I thought this was the perfect opportunity, 5 days a week, starting at 11 and finishing at around 5:30 every day. Oh how I was wrong. The first week I started on the Wednesday (Monday and Tuesday off) and worked through to the Sunday. However, as I needed the Thursday and Friday off the week after for doctors and hospital appointments, I had to work through till then. 8 days in a row working for someone who is unwell is pretty difficult.

However,in my second week the doctors decided they wanted me to have a check up. I went for this check up on the Tuesday before work and they told me that I was way too ill to be working at this moment so they signed me off for two weeks.

I handed in the note from the doctors to my bosses and they seemed fine with this, even saying that I would get sick pay!

Two weeks passed and I tried to access the staff page to see the rota. It was then that I realised I had been removed from the group, meaning that I no longer worked there. I asked my friend about this and he said he would ask and check. One week later I still haven’t heard back from him.

Now, I could have understood them letting me go as it is a seasonal job and I would have been returning when the summer was almost over. If they had explained this to me I would have been more than happy to agree with them. But for them to just remove me so I can’t access anything and not tell me is just rude in my opinion. I feel as though I at least deserve an explanation of them.

But wait…. There’s more! I spoke to my step brother (who I don’t see often) and he told me that he worked their a few years earlier and he had been fired for… Drum roll please…. Eating a slice of toast. No warning or anything, he just got fired on the spot.

So there’s my rant about my old employers and how not to treat your staff!


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