Preparation for returning to university

With summer coming to an end and the cold weather already showing it can only mean one thing – we all have to return to university/college/school. Whether you’re returning to university after a looonnnggggg three or four months off, or you’re returning to school after six weeks (which wasn’t long enough) you’ve inevitably got to return.

For me, I have had a very long summer. So long that it started in December. I haven’t been in university since December due to falling ill and being unable to complete the year (my final year too!). This means that I have been out of education for, wait for it, 9 months!!!

I forget how to study after the three months of summer so i honestly have no clue how i’m going to get back in to the swing of things this time. I have tried researching topics for my dissertation but this hasn’t helped as I have no clue what I want my dissertation topic to be.

I’m also really nervous to return due to the fact that i’m still unwell (i’m probably even worse than I was when I stopped uni last year). I’m worried that I will struggle to attend lectures as the university is a good 1 and a half hour commute (as I no longer have my car so I have to get the train). I’m also worried that I will only have one friend this year, and he is only in one of my modules which only runs until January! after this, if I have made no friends, I will literally have no one for support.

The only thing that I can do is try again and hope for the best (and try my hardest, I am aiming for a first!). I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer and good luck to everyone who is returning to their studies!!


6 thoughts on “Preparation for returning to university

  1. It’s totally natural to be nervous and even a bit scared in this situation! I’d be feeling exactly the same. But as you said yourself, all you can do is your best. Nobody can ask for more than that 🙂 best of luck x

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