Weekly travel plan (part 2)….

Okay this hasn’t been weekly but I do enjoy writing about where I plan on visiting so here goes!

I get so easily inspired on here to go just by watching movies. Firstly it was mamma mia here we go again inspiring me to go to Greece and now its a film called…. Wait for it…… FML.

Fml is about an ‘old’ man (a man in his 50s) and a teenager road tripping across America in order to gain more followers on social media so that he can hit 1 million. The film itself is super funny and so worth watching but the road trip inspired me.

They went to so many places that I want to visit (starting in California where they live and ending up in New York).

It made me think, would it be better road tripping across America or staying in hostels and hotels. One benefit of road tripping would be the cost (if the car you went in was also where you slept) but you would not get the experience of meeting amazing people in hostels. I could always road trip and stay in hostels at the same time but that would be super expensive and I just don’t have the money for that sadly.

I will find a way around this, its a dream of mine to see all of America.


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