The break up…

So Saturday morning was just normal. I ended up having a little argument with my then boyfriend but decided to leave it and go to the gym with my mum. When we got back from the gym, the little caravan that we bought together had gone, he’d packed his clothes and was sat in his car.

We went inside and he told me it wasn’t working anymore and that he wanted to stay friends blah blah blah. Then he left. Leaving me in floods of tears, 2 hours before I had to start work.

I obviously got sent home from work early as I was such a mess and I couldn’t stop crying. However, since Saturday I have felt fine. Obviously I miss him and it hurts to see that he has gone and followed loads of them naked instagram models (obviously unfollowed him), but I realised something.

If somebody can do that to someone at the worst time in their life (health wise and mental health wise) then are they really worth suffering for? No is the answer. He broke my heart when I’m mid investigation and don’t even know what’s wrong with me. It obviously shows how little I meant for him to be so selfish.

Instead of sitting around and moping I got up the next day, smashed another gym session and started looking at better things to do. I have applied for one dream I’ve always had (I will be writing a blog post If I get accepted) and I’ve already started making a better life for myself. After only 4 pretty much full days of being broken up with him, I’ve started looking forward to perusing my dream. That’s the only revenge that I need.


14 thoughts on “The break up…

  1. Your awesome and I love that you wasted no time in bettering yourself. It does take time to get over it but so happy you are taking action and still working out, it definitely helps. Keep your head up girl and hope your dreams come true, stay chasing them!

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  2. Well…that was a perfectly awful thing for him to do. I’m sorry to hear it but how have things worked out 6 months on? When it happened to me, it took awhile before I was even ready to meet someone else. But when it happened, it’s been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Hope it’s working out for you.

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