Staying active!

So i’ve been told a lot that I should be staying quite active (not hitting the gym doing 3 hour sessions every day). I therefore decided to try yoga, Pilates and nice long walks with my dog.


I tried yoga at home by watching a beginners YouTube video and following this. I have never done yoga before so I didn’t want to try anything that would be too much for me and that would put me in more pain than I am currently in. All I can say is why on earth have I never tried this before??? It made me feel so good for the rest of the night and it really relaxed me and helped me to sleep! So if you’re in pain and looking for a way to stay active without doing anything too strenuous, I suggest trying yoga!

Long dog walks

I’ve had my dog for just over 6 years now (we got him on 24th December…best Christmas present ever!!!) and I have always loved to take him on nice walks. However, recently i’ve felt too unwell to take him for really long walks. This is until today. After I tried a Pilates class, which i’ll be talking about in just a minute, I decided to take my dog for a really long walk round the park and streets around my house. After this I felt amazing and energized. And to make it better my dog loved it too so he was happy and has been snoozing away ever since.


As i mentioned before, today I did a Pilates class. I’ve done Pilates before when I was younger but I stopped as, i’m not going to lie, I just couldn’t be bothered going anymore! I decided to go as i’ve been told it helps with pain and it isn’t too strenuous. I went and it turns out it was the same instructor I used to go with which was a huge bonus as she knows that i’ve been unwell lately. I feel so amazing for going, all my muscles feel stretched and I feel so much less tense and anxious than I did before. This is definitely something which I will be going to weekly as it has helped me so much.

Thank you for reading 🙂


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