Currently in pain…

Today I am sat here in my front room not able to move for the third day running. Since Saturday I have been getting pains that I never normally get and for the past few days they pain has been so bad that I have been struggling to stand, or even sit up properly.

Where is the pain?

Normally I get really bad pains down the left side of my abdomen and sometimes across the bottom, but these past few I have had pains in these places as well as all down the right side, in the middle and down the sides of my back.

What type of pain is it?

Normally I will get stabbing pains in the left side and down the bottom. However, at the moment I am getting all types of pain ranging from a dull ache in my stomach to feeling like I am being stabbed in all of the other places. I am currently getting pain in my lower stomach which is really bad stabbing and i am also getting a dull ache in my right side and back.

What am I doing for it?

I had an appointment with a specialist yesterday who is sending me for a MRI scan and a colonoscopy but as this wont be for another few weeks/months yet I am going to the doctors this afternoon to rule out any other issues as I have noticed that it is a different pain to what I normally get.

Just thought i’d update you all on what’s happening and thank you for reading 🙂 x


13 thoughts on “Currently in pain…

  1. Oh sweetheart. This may be difficult to hear, but I’d recommend not listening to doctors and find out what your body is trying to tell you with an ally that won’t solidify a thought about a condition and an identity. What you think you become. My opinion is that someway you are out of alignment. It may have something to do with your corpus collosum which is the space where your right and left brains communicate. I hope that you do some meditation and research about that and heal up soon.


  2. I saw that you have been tested for ceoliac but have you considered it may be yeast?. Hubby is yeast intolerant and the symptoms are similar, pain and ibs etc. We have to check the ingredients on EVERYTHING as it is in most sauces an stocks etc. (Kallo do one which is yeast free, you can get it in Sainsburys Free from aisle) Worth thinking about as nobody seems to recognise it and it does not mean gluten free as most of them contain yeast too. Other thought is to get checked for gall bladder problems. I suffered for months before correct diagnosis. X

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