As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I am currently in Shrewsbury!  I’m planning on doing a big post about the whole trip but I am just doing this little one now for a few reasons.

  1. Its snowing!!!!
  2. I have signed up to two WordPress courses and I am completing them both in this post.

As mentioned in my last post, I have signed up to a for a few online WordPress courses so I am completing them as I go along. As I didn’t do yesterday’s challenge for the photography course here it is! I had to post a picture of something that reminds me of home and as I am not at home to take a new photo I decided to post an old photo of the one thing that reminds me of home, this little guy!!IMG_20180116_120823.jpg

I say little, he’s actually quite a big dog in both ways, tall and fat! But when I miss home I am not actually missing my bed or anything else other than my dog. He’s just the most loving creature and I feel so at home when I am with him!

The second day of the challenge is to take a picture of of an interesting street. Well, it turns out Shrewsbury is full of them! I couldn’t pick my favorite one e so here are two!IMG_20180120_123933.jpgsdr

Obviously the snow makes it look even more perfect but the streets in Shrewsbury really are beautiful and they are even the main set of the film ‘A Christmas Carol’.

As I say, I am planning on writing a proper post about my trip to Shrewsbury when I’m back home buy for the time being I hope you enjoy this 😊


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