My story.

As this is my first blog post, I thought it would only be fitting to tell you all why I am on here and what I will be writing about.

A few months ago in about August, I stared getting regular and painful stomach cramps. This was usually after eating but I could get them at any point of the day, including at night when i was sleeping.abdominal-pain-s6-photo-of-locations-of-pain

I managed with them for a few weeks before visiting the doctor who told me I had IBS and I needed to manage this with certain medication and a change in my diet and lifestyle.

After taking their advice for 3/4 weeks my symptoms were only getting worse. I decided to go back to the doctors who said that its possible that i have got coeliac disease; an intolerance to gluten. I was advised to avoid gluten whilst i waited for the results. This was one hard week as I love bread! I managed to survive a week without bread and pasta to be told that the results came back fine and that I could go back to eating gluten again.

However, this was not all good. As coeliac disease was ruled out, the next to look for was Inflammatory Bowel  Disease (IBD). IBD is inflammation in your bowels and can cause quite a lot of trouble until it has been diagnosed. I needed a sigmoidoscopy which is a camera up your bum to look at the first part of your bowel. I had a biopsy taken from this and then I was told to wait a month for the results.gluten-free.JPG

One week after the examination, I was admitted to hospital as I had been eating and drinking that little due to the pain that I had become dangerously dehydrated and the doctors were worried about the health of my kidneys. As soon as I arrived I was pumped with 2l of fluids and told that I would have to stay at least 4 nights.

After a restless night from being moved and sharing a room with old people who were chatting away to themselves, I was nil by mouth until about 5pm as I was told I was having an endoscopy (camera down the throat) that day. However, at 5pm I was told this would not be happening that day but another. I still had to stay in as i was supposed to be having a CT scan after the weekend but the day after I was sent home as I was told that this would not be happening on the day that it was supposed to either.

I had the endoscopy pretty soon after being sent home. There were no results from this however as i was apparently fighting the camera in my sedated state. As you may be able to guess, a camera down your throat isn’t the nicest test! The CT scan happened a few weeks after this but these results came back all clear which has confused the doctors as i have had very physical symptoms such as passing blood, extreme weight loss (2 stone in 3/4 months) and being unable to eat properly.woman tired of diet restrictions deciding to eat healthy food

So as the doctors are still looking in to all of this, I have been put on antidepressants to help me cope with the depression and anxiety that I have been diagnosed which has been caused by all of this.

Thank you for reading, i’m sorry that it all sounds so morbid but that is what ive gone through these past few months!





61 thoughts on “My story.

      1. Hi there, just wondering if you’ve asked your doctor about Endometriosis? I had the same symptoms and tests and it wasn’t until I had a Laparoscopy I was properly diagnosed with Endometriosis and found the source of my pain, nausea and food issues! Hoping you find relief soon.

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  1. You seem to have what is called a ‘Functional Gastrointestinal Disorder (FGID)’, a term to describe chronic, medically unexplained symptoms of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. This is found to be fairly common in the adult population of most countries of Western Europe and the US. Our guess is it has something to do with the diet which is high in processed food & meat content.

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    1. This is the first time I’ve heard of that but it does sound like it is this! It has been a little better since cutting down on the meat but I do admit I eat processed food sometimes which will be something I will cut down on! Thank you😊

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  2. Hi Georgia, you very kindly just ‘liked’ a post on my blog. Thank you so much for that, I really appreciate it. But most importantly I wanted to tell you how my heart goes out to you with your present health issues. I too suffer in a similar way and have been told by experts that stress is at the heart of it. But I can so relate to the weight loss, the cutting out of foods incase they are the cause. If your stomach is feeling painful and just ‘wrong’ you struggle to get through each day. I do hope that you find a solution.
    Kind regards

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  3. Had some same complications and endoscopy about 6 years ago (they found mm length polyps but biopsy was OK). Abstain from fermented food (even bread) and spice and surely smoking. Now I feel much better. Our gut system (stomach, intestine and colon) is made of cells with fastest recovery potential. Because they renew themselves every 2 or 3 months.
    Have a fast recovery…

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  4. I get it. I have three autoimmune illnesses. In 2012 I was diagnosed with Guilliani Barre. Before that I had Lots of Thyroid issues which led to Hashimotos. I was always a very busy, willing to help others person. I worked in special education for 26 years behavior issues and serious autism and other problems. I was never lazy, now I feel like a obese, lazy useless individual. I do believe in 2012 the Lord wanted me to be out of the public school system. I will pray for you, and believe me the Lord can get us through these things.

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  5. Hi Georgia, i am really touched reading your story. So sorry you are experiencing this. But it seems you are a brave girl! I am sure you will fight this. My good wishes are with you. Have a speedy recovery.
    I could relate to your story in some way. Even i have ibs symptoms, doctor did colonoscopy but it was ruled out. Still i suffer from this. I have lactose intolerance, i am gluten sensitive.
    I closely monitor what i eat. I have found that insoluble fiber is the culprit. I have noted down what all foods, vegetables and fruits trigger the symptoms and avoid them. I am a vegetarian and eat home cooked food still i have this. I think because of our sensitive digestive system we get this.
    Sorry for the long comment. I felt like sharing.
    Thanks a lot for liking my post. By that only, i could find your blog.
    Wishing you speedy recovery.

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  6. Hi Georgia, I was taken into hospital by ambulance one night when I was 18 (just after my A Levels and shortly before leaving home to start work) with stomach pains that became so severe I was lying in bed screaming and banging my head on the wall. When I got to hospital I was heavily sedated so I fell asleep. The next day I woke up on a hospital ward feeling fine. I was seen by several doctors and specialists (I don’t remember the details now, this was in 1988) and finally sent home with no diagnosis. I went back to hospital and had several tests, including an endoscopy, one of the least favourite experiences of my life, but no cause could ever be found. The final send off from the doctor was, ‘it was probably stress’, with no follow up.
    I now know that I have suffered from anxiety attacks all my life, but never sought help until I had a severe attack in 2014 that led to severe depression and a long period away from work (See my blog if you want to know more).
    Anyway, I wanted to tell you that being diagnosed is a blessing, and bravely sharing your experiences will help you. I spent too many years drinking, working too hard and doing everything to excess just to drown out the anxiety as I hated my self for how I felt.
    I shall follow your story, and I’m here if you ever need someone to talk to. N x

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    1. This sounds so awful and i’m so sorry you’ve been through this! Thank you so much for your kind words and I am hoping I get a diagnosis soon as I have been told I am having an MRI scan and a full colonoscopy soon. It is awful not knowing and I think this is what is making the whole situation so much worse as it has lead to the depression and anxiety. Thank you again x

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  7. Hi Georgia, thanks for visiting my blog and liking my new post. One of my friends has similar problem, and was diagnosed with celiac’s disease. I do hope you get to know what your sickness is and can get treated and get better real soon. Keep the faith!

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  8. Thank you for finding and liking one of my recent blog posts. I suffered with digestion problems for years and went through one wrong diagnosis after another. I hope someone will soon find the key to your awful problems and help you find a cure or treatment. My heart goes out to you. It’s frustrating knowing something is wrong but not being able to find out exactly what it is.

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  9. Hi Georgia, I hope you find an answer soon. Its a tough time dealing with persistent symptoms especially when they mimic other illnesses. Chin up as they say, easier said than done and if not keep some ice cream on hand for when you need a cry.

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  10. I can relate to what you’re feeling since I’ve been diagnosed with IBS and SIBO just a few days ago.
    Perhaps you would like to look at my blog. I am battling chronic Lyme disease and have only recently started blogging!
    I’d love to hear from you, and I’d be more than glad to share with you some information

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  11. Hope they figure this out and soon. Nothing I hate worse than going to the doctor for something and just having them scratch their heads! And any kind of illness affects everything else in our lives. Even if you are well enough to do other things, you don’t much feel like it. Keep us posted on your progress.

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  12. Hi Georgia
    I have no idea how you found my blog but your like – thank you!- made me check you out and now I read your story.
    My thoughts are with you and I truly hope that your issues are resolved as soon as possible. Writing about stuff often helps and it’s marvelous to see how many people are here supporting you- including me! Love and hugs from Cape Town so that you can continue with your studies. xxxx

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